Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What Is The Deal With The Ape And Turtle?

I ask that of myself once and awhile as I draw this pair on occasion usually a drawing events like Sketch Tuesday and Quick Draw SF. So the black and white image of an ape in a business suit riding a turtle was first one of this series and was drawn at a Sketch Tuesday in 2013. I believe I sold that one as I only have a cell phone shot of it. I may of drawn this sort of image earlier in a sketchbook or elsewhere but am not sure. Anyways I think in my mind it is cool to pick a certain subject like these two draw them up without ever seeing the other images and see how they differ in the end. I guess in the way it is a personal drawing  exercise of some sort. Most of these drawings have been sold or traded for other drawings, so they rarely stay with me. Here is to future apes riding turtles and I wonder if the reverse will ever happen? Oh yes most of these images are under 6 x 8.5 inches and are usually ink drawn and colored. So here is the first image created and other ones more or less in order drawn up to a few months or so back.