Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Ends And Some Art Commissions

I notice I post less and less in my blog here over the past few years, but here I am at the end of the year creating a few posts! Here is some artwork that was commissioned by others. Two of these images were actually recreations of my sketch book pages as I do not tear out pages. Actually I feel the original recreations of the pages were probably better than the pages themselves. I still felt I keep them loose and drew them as fast as the original pages. The others were portraits of a couple that was traditionally painted and is a layer piece. The other image was created traditionally and digitally for a friend who is a new comedian in LA. The monster piece was created for a gentlemen who I have done other work with. He asked me to do my take on a monster design of his that was already 3D printed. Anyways besides these I did hundreds of sketchbook pages, drawings, sculpts, digital art, etc. Creating is my life! Cheers! 

Over Five Years Of Monday Monsters

 Back in August 18, 2014 I digitally drew a goofy monster in Photoshop and when I posted it called it the Monday Monster from that day I would do that every Monday although that same year for some reason the month of October 2014 I strangely did not do any Monday Monsters! That was my only gap and I have not missed a Monday since! Anyways almost the first few years I created the Monday Monsters digitally in Photoshop. I did have one traditional one the first year I did these. Anyways I hand draw them now and once and awhile sculpt some. I do sell them so contact me if interested as I still have many left. Anyways here are random Monday Monster images from back in 2014 along with some fun facts which are now a little bit out of date. I usually post these Monday Monster drawings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Chills!