Monday, December 31, 2018

Digital Paintings of 2018

With just hours left in 2018 I decided hey I have not posted much here this year so I thought I would put up a few posts today the last one of 2018. Here are some digital paintings created on my tablet in Photoshop. Many were created near the beginning of the year and a few later in the year. They are a mixture of mainly science fiction, space opera and some horror.

San Francisco Giants Cheer Card

This was an illustration job I did for NBC Sports in SF and it was an 11x17 inch baseball card poster like deal. I was given the player Jonathan Sánchez as my subject and I created this piece in Adobe Illustrator after creating some roughs in Photoshop. In addition I got tickets to the game that was on was the anniversary of his no hitter against the San Diego Padres. July 10, 2018 was the game and I even appeared briefly on the NBC sports show talking about what I created. They handed these cheers cards out to fans for free and I signed a few. All in all a fun assignment and a fun night! Here are pictures below of the art, final print and also my TV appearance. I just dig the Jack In A Box character in the background!  

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day Revisited

It was 7 years ago today I started this blog with an image of the robot I have posted below. This is my first 2018 post and I thought I would make it a Valentine Day post again. The last few years I have had pieces in a Valentine's Day show at a gallery in San Francisco called the lion

I will post pieces first from the show going on now and the three pieces from last year. I also will post an image showing a few of the main steps in the creation of the piece Disco Ball Head Thing in the World of Toxic Love. The recent pieces near the top in the 2018 VD Show are titled Stitch of Love (A piece in honor of a great Jack Russel terrier named Stitch that just passed away.) and Addicted to Love a sculpture piece. I really have moved more into doing many of my show pieces in 3D be they layers or sculptural. The pieces of the 2017 VD Show are titled Tentacles of Love, Disco Ball Head Thing in the World of Toxic Love!, and Love Bites. I have also include a picture of them in the actual show at the bottom of these images.