Saturday, February 28, 2015

Some Recent Drawings And Paintings

I hope to post more that once a month and here is a second post in the last day or so. Here are some recent on location watercolor paintings created on a San Francisco beach and some drawings from some recent Sketch Tuesday and Quick Draw SF sessions.

Farewell Mr. Nimoy

Earlier today Leonard Nimoy passed. He was an actor, director, creator, writer, photographer, etc.who played a character Mr. Spock on a fun little show called STAR TREK. I decided to create a tribute image in Photoshop of Mr. Spock this evening. So Live Long and Prosper in the great beyond Mr. Nimoy and thanks for your great and inspiring work.

Friday, February 13, 2015

More Friday The 13th Madness

If you look through this blog of mine you will see a few other Jason Friday the 13th type illustrations. Anyways this one was posted on Facebook earlier today and was influenced by Frankenstein Friday and Valentines Day which is tomorrow. Anyways it was a fun mash up I quickly created in Photoshop today.