Friday, September 28, 2012

The Dark Knight Arrives!

I was a big fan of Frank Miller's twisted Batman tale THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS and remember eagerly buying all four issues! With me being a big Batman fan it was one of those great comic book moments! It is not the ultimate Batman story to me, but I thought it was really an engaging one. Something about a bitter older Batman trying to work through some of his issues while dealing with a battered Gotham city of the future appealed to me at that time. Yes this Batman tale may seem a bit dated now with some of it's story elements and a bit over the top with other elements, yet I still like the Two-Face/Joker stories and how they wrapped up mixed in with the satire. As for the Batman/Superman conflict it was fun to see those two characters differences played out!  

Flash forward to the present an animated adaption of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS has been produced and the first part was released this week. This image below I had started to create for a contest connected to the release of the DVD. I got side tracked with work and did not make the deadline, but decided to finish it up anyways. The image was created by drawing over a pencil rough in Illustrator. I looked at many pages of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS comics to get inspired when creating this and decided to create my own take on the scene from the junkyard where Batman and Robin take on some mutant gang members. So that is it in a long winded nutshell and I have heard rumors there was a sequel to THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. I hope it is a rumor as I think the TDKR story ends just right, but that is just my opinion.

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