Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cardboard Three Dimensional Artworks

Already September is over and I have gotten behind in my postings again. Anyways this post starts out at the San Diego Comic Book Convention in 2013 where I was helping out artist Mike Bennett of Bennett Blacklight with his booth. Well there was all this cardboard kicking around so Mike penciled some fast images on a few sheets. I then inked/colored most of these images and when some people saw them they wanted to buy the finished ones. I did sell what I had left in Oakland where I do street sales at times. Well move forward to May of 2014 when I decided to create some new ones finally and for some reason I felt like cutting out the images and layering them on top of each other to give them some depth. Anyways up to now I think I have created at least 15 or more of these layered quasi 3D cardboard images. At least half of what I have created up to date have been sold. The images posted below are as follows the first robot image is one of the ones Mike penciled and I inked last year and it got sold in Oakland. The second one was the very first of these layered 3D cardboard images I started to do this year. They have been starting to evolve as I experiment with some of the more recent ones. The rest that follow are just various types of images that popped in my head or I planned out. I tend to like robots so you will see many of those in the mix. The DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES piece that is the seventh one down was the first one I really painted and also was in a show recently. Some of these I still may have like the APES one and they are for sale. Just contact me for details or questions.

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