Saturday, October 31, 2015

Monday Monsters

Greetings all I know it has been at least four months since I have posted here! The months go by too fast these days and I created so much material recently I rarely find time to post it here. Anyways back in August of 2014 I decided every Monday to post a monster drawing on Facebook along with Twitter and now Instagram. So my Monday Monsters were born and I have posted one every Monday, although for some mysterious reason I missed posting every Monday last October 2014. Now October of this year I did manage to post one every Monday as well as all the other Mondays of 2015 up to the present. Anyways here are some various Monday monsters below from the first one posted up to ones I posted in the last few weeks. The are in chronological order the top image being the first monster ever posted. Most of these images were created in Photoshop, one that is not posted here was hand drawn and watercolored, two were created on an drawing app on my smart phone with one posted below and one was sculpted and is posted below. I tend to mix it up with the styles of the monsters some are more horrific and some tend to be more humorous, cartoony and maybe a touch cute. Anyways Happy Halloween and make every Monday a monster one! Chills!

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