Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What Is The Deal With The Ape And Turtle?

I ask that of myself once and awhile as I draw this pair on occasion usually a drawing events like Sketch Tuesday and Quick Draw SF. So the black and white image of an ape in a business suit riding a turtle was first one of this series and was drawn at a Sketch Tuesday in 2013. I believe I sold that one as I only have a cell phone shot of it. I may of drawn this sort of image earlier in a sketchbook or elsewhere but am not sure. Anyways I think in my mind it is cool to pick a certain subject like these two draw them up without ever seeing the other images and see how they differ in the end. I guess in the way it is a personal drawing  exercise of some sort. Most of these drawings have been sold or traded for other drawings, so they rarely stay with me. Here is to future apes riding turtles and I wonder if the reverse will ever happen? Oh yes most of these images are under 6 x 8.5 inches and are usually ink drawn and colored. So here is the first image created and other ones more or less in order drawn up to a few months or so back.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Recent Traditional Robot Art

Once again the months are flying by and I have gotten so busy I have forgotten to post some stuff here! I have been doing much creating over the past many months for shows, others and myself. Here are some traditional ink, color ink, watercolor, etc. robot themed drawings I mainly drew at and for Sketch Tuesday and SF Quick Draw. All these drawings if I still have them are for sale just contact me if interested. The thinner drawings are 6"x 9" on watercolor paper and the wider drawings are 6 3/4" x 81/2" on paper. 


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Digital And Traditional Material From Late 2015

I got so busy the last few months of 2015 I did not have time to post here so I thought I would present a few things I worked on in the last part of 2015. There are a variety of science fiction, fantasy, Santa, robots, dinosaurs all the fun stuff I really like to draw. The first three images are digital and were created in Photoshop. The very first image is a tribute to the late performer David Bowie. The traditional drawings were ink drawings and colored with watercolor paint.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween 2015 Imagery

Most Halloween seasons I really get inspired to create all types of imagery. This year I seemed pretty busy with things so I did not create as much as I usually do, but in the end I think I created a decent amount. So below is a variety of images from digital to hand drawn and some out of my sketchbooks, etc. Some of these drawings can even be bought and the digital ones bought as prints. Just contact me if interested. 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Monday Monsters

Greetings all I know it has been at least four months since I have posted here! The months go by too fast these days and I created so much material recently I rarely find time to post it here. Anyways back in August of 2014 I decided every Monday to post a monster drawing on Facebook along with Twitter and now Instagram. So my Monday Monsters were born and I have posted one every Monday, although for some mysterious reason I missed posting every Monday last October 2014. Now October of this year I did manage to post one every Monday as well as all the other Mondays of 2015 up to the present. Anyways here are some various Monday monsters below from the first one posted up to ones I posted in the last few weeks. The are in chronological order the top image being the first monster ever posted. Most of these images were created in Photoshop, one that is not posted here was hand drawn and watercolored, two were created on an drawing app on my smart phone with one posted below and one was sculpted and is posted below. I tend to mix it up with the styles of the monsters some are more horrific and some tend to be more humorous, cartoony and maybe a touch cute. Anyways Happy Halloween and make every Monday a monster one! Chills!